ECU tuning files download

Most of files are tested tuning files. These files are working. There are some sellers who tries to sell these files, but you can download them for free here! To use these files on your car you will need ecu flasher. This unit will allow you to chip tune your vehicle via OBDII port. Look into “Hardware” menu to find suitable flasher for you. There are almost ~20 thousands tuned files, you should find one, which will fit your car.
You may download tuning files here (one-file package):
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  1. That files are to old old old old story

  2. jmarktho says:

    I want a file to the ECU remap Ford Ranger 2.2 engine unlocks everything.
    Send files to disturb me jmarktho@ford.com

  3. Blueeight says:


    My name is Laszlo from Hungary.
    I am new on your website. Today I downloaded the tuning files you shared, but I am confused.
    I work for a programming center, so I can reprogram/read out my EPROM chips easily.
    In the tuning files downloaded fromhere I can find many binary codes to my car, but I do not know anything about these files. Which one will increase the horsepower, or which one will help me to save few liter of diesel.
    Also, I do not understand how the two EPROM works. In my car there are two EPROM chips. In some folder I can find only one 64k binary file. In which EPROM IC should I load it? Is it enough to modify one EPROM ?

    Could you please help me to choose a file (or two because my ECU has two EPROMs) to tune my car optimally?
    I think 20% percent more HP and torque should be enough. Consumption should be less. It is 6liter/100km today.
    It would be good to increase the idle speed as well, because the ~760rpm is too low. The car and the plastic parts are shaking when the engine is in idle. I prefer 1000rpm

    Please help me to find the correct binary file!

    My car is:
    Audi 80 Avant 1.9TDI 1Z 1994/12
    ECU: 028 906 021D (my original EPROM codes are matches with the ones in the folder TUNING FILES\FILES\AUDI\80 Tdi
    EPROM chips: STMicro – M27C512-12f3

    Also, do you know if I could activate the cruise control in my ECU. is this setting stored in the two EPROM chip?

    Thank you very much


  4. Don Paine says:

    Will any of these files work for a 2004 VW Jetta 1.8t awp manual tran? If so, which one or ones? Would greatly appreciate the help… Thank you.

  5. Yiu Chung Yip says:

    Hi there,

    I am using MPPS as my flasher and I downloaded the all-in-1file. I need to flash a Audi A3 1.4 TFSI. Is the appropriare file in that big file? And please kindly advice which one is.

  6. aalleexx--8833 says:

    I need the tuning file for mazda 6, 2006, 2.0DE, 105kw/143hp, RF7J and for peugeot 207, 2006, 1.6hdi, 80kw/109hp, 9hz….

    can somebody/anyone help me?

  7. brehm says:

    Useful site. 🙂

  8. Robert Pohl says:

    found file with good performance:)

  9. internetcowboy says:

    Hello all new here. Need some help for a change. I have downloaded the remap files provided by the site admin. But i must have tried uploading 20 different map to my car which is a ALFA 156 JTD 16V M-jet 140 BHP using usb to OBE2 flash and every file i upload the to the ECU then car won’t start. Luckily i did download the original BIN file from the ECU once i re-upload the original file it will start right away. The download files are all over the place. The files have to be BIN files around 1MB in size. Or the software will say wrong file size or file scrambled.

    The software i am using is mpps v13. It will only

    I really would like to remap the car a max it out. Can anybody please Help!



    • admin says:

      Seems that files was from different engine/model and you did not got success. I am sad about this, but you did the right thing that you saved your original file first. In this case, when you written it back to vehicle, all things should remain same.

      • internetcowboy says:

        Can you suggest which is the correct tuned file i need? for the above car. I will not take offence if it’s incorrect i am just about to give up.

        This would be very helpful also i think people are reselling the files you have provided on ebay as i have bought them and they seem to look very very similar.

        I must now have about 40 thousand files in total and i am yet to get any to work that i am so disappointed over.

        Can anybody please HELP!



  10. wiganlad42 says:

    Easiest way open the files is run

  11. wiganlad42 says:

    Tried to open with deamon tools with no joy, does anyonehave the renault laguna 2 1.9dci 120 remap file to 150bhp

  12. Paul LT says:

    Hey i just downloaded the files but it is in format that i cant open .. help ?

  13. xonieste says:

    Hello i tried to remap my audi a4 1.9 tdi pd 130ps with some files , but now engine its running slow and consuming much fuel , can anybody send me the correct files to remap once again , Thank in advance my email is egzonnt@gmail.com

    • Hello, sad to hear that you found a bad file in this archive. As these files are not made by me, I just collected them over the years, but there are people who found suitable & good files, so this archive is still able to download here. Upload original file back to your vehicle, to not torture your engine…

  14. poznam says:
  15. Domantas says:


    Could you please recheck FilePost atributes. Now it shows like:

    This file is set as private so it is available only for the person who has uploaded it.

  16. Maniekq says:

    Hi all!
    Somebody can reupload one packfile to another hosting server?

  17. grant says:

    do i need to download all files 17 files, and do you know if theres is a map for an alfa romeo 156 jtd (115bhp)

  18. Safwan says:

    Hi Do you have a duster 2.0 file ?

  19. Hrvoje says:

    I need map for BMW 325i e36 1991. Somebody f… up trying to do something with it, and now the car is not working properly. Consumption is high and performance is miserable. Please help!

  20. Hi,i’m looking for a map suitable for my 2001 vw passat 101 Bhp ,engine code is AVB,do you have a map suitable for my car or would there be a map included in the files i downloaded ?..Thanks in advance.

  21. russell says:

    hi, do you have a remap file for a 2007 ford focus 1.6 16v petrol 100bhp model

    thanks in advance

  22. nathan says:

    hello ive got a 2001 Skoda fabia 1.9TDI PD 100 not VRS
    i was wondering if you currently have a map file for the PD 100 Lump thank you any help will be much appreciated i am very interested in trying a map on my car to see the differences etc

  23. Suzuki swift 1.5 man;) says:

    Hi are some files for a suzuki swift 1.5 petrol 2008 ecu?;)

  24. Now I have tried to download the first two files, but I can not open them? does anyone have a ECU file to a Citroen C5 HDI 2.0 with 136 hp from 2006

  25. Ferhat says:

    Hello, wich folder is for bmw 320ci? The one with 2.2l engine 170hp stock. I hope you the file for my car!

    Thank you!

  26. Bobby says:

    can not find
    ecu files for A6 4f 2,7tdi sw4F0907401C_hw4F5910401S_1037391860
    please help


  27. Can any of you good guys here send me files for bmw e34,m50 engine,525i,year1995,i would be more than gratefull.. rocksteady727@gmail.com

  28. Are there audi a6 v6tdi 2.5 tuning file

  29. heizbert says:

    Hello, thanks for this site, can you please send me a good file for 2007 TT 2,0 TFSI MKB: BWA hand shift and a 99 seat ibiza tdi with afn…thanks a lot

  30. Hi and thanks for the effort.

    The download links are dead, but i need those files 🙂
    Does anyone have a link that works?

    My mail is muskel(at)gmail(dot)com


  31. Dear Admin,

    Thanks for the share. Just a comment the file 13 seems to have a bad checksum?


  32. Hi i bayt one dvd with file tuning bot in dvd have a lot of file for ww golf4 and i dont lnow which work can anyone help me for this car ww golf4 1.9 tdi (81kw) 110 ps 2001 years can anyone have files to increase ps

  33. Hi Admin, I need map ecu Lancia Delta III JTDm 2008 2.0 JTDm, 121 kW, 165 HP Bosch EDC26C39 HW 51858099. Can I find there? Thanks

  34. if anyone want pro tuning files contact me to ludbe88@gmail.com

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