Free ECU tuning files download

Tested tuning files. These files are working. There are some sellers who tries to sell these files, but you can download them for free here! To use these files on your car you will need ecu flasher. This unit will allow you to chip tune your vehicle via OBDII port. Look into “Hardware” menu to find suitable flasher for you. There are almost ~20 thousands tuned files, you should find one, which will fit your car.
You may download free tuning files here (one-file package):
Or download by parts (free):
Download file 1 – 255.0 MB
Download file 2 – 255.0 MB
Download file 3 – 255.0 MB
Download file 4 – 255.0 MB
Download file 5 – 255.0 MB
Download file 6 – 255.0 MB
Download file 7 – 255.0 MB
Download file 8 – 255.0 MB
Download file 9 – 255.0 MB
Download file 10 – 255.0 MB
Download file 11 – 255.0 MB
Download file 12 – 255.0 MB
Download file 13 – 255.0 MB
Download file 14 – 255.0 MB
Download file 15 – 255.0 MB
Download file 16 – 255.0 MB
Download file 17 – 185.0 MB


  1. admin says:

    Links checked and working! If you found dead link please notify me!

  2. steve says:

    thank you, i will look into these files

  3. Goodluck with the new site, and thanks again for your prompt response the other day.

  4. it takes long time to download :(

  5. Jarno says:

    Can only download 1 piece pro day, please upload on wetransfer.com or another upload site. Thanks alot for your great effort and time!

  6. Cannot even start download in free mode… i would love to try to C the files, and test it! that will be nice…


  7. admin says:

    What error you get?

    • no errorr now all downloads are fine…. the error was something like i cannot do a parallel download, and i need to switch to a premium acc… now its fine, cant wait to download all to test the files…

  8. Jarno says:

    Can download 1 file pro day.. Can’t you upload it on wetransfer.com? In 2-3 times? Thanks!

  9. doling says:

    for me download speed is 250kB/s, can download file each hour. not so bad

  10. Everyone who has download problems may try download manager:

    this should help download all files faster

    • Got the parts now from turbobit. Much faster when know how. But how can I see which modified file I can use for my car? Maybe you can make a tutorial about that. Or does the OBDII program recognize them?

      • admin says:

        You can only use file, which make is the same as our cars. Compare files. Tuner pro software should help.

        • cant open the TUCSON mod file with tuner pro. please help. Galetto 1260 does recognize the file but how do I view it before flashing?

          • admin says:

            Hey, try opening with WinOLS

          • Thanks for the prompt help. It does open with WinOLS.
            I used galetto 1260 to read my Getz 1.5 CRDi file. Its bosch EDC16C39 with s/w version 383158 . It has 159 potential maps with starting address 1C11E6 . How do I figure out which map is at what address? At what address will be the drivers wish, torque limiter and turbo maps? what maps should be modified at the first level of tune..!!

    • dragon1500 says:

      which link to use to download the jdownloader?

  11. thank you, great site

  12. sergio says:

    can nayone tell me if this have VW bora 1.6 16v file?

  13. valacko says:

    Hi Can U. send my the files via FTP?


  14. silver2x says:

    hello dead links! possible to recover?

  15. subhi says:

    dear admin i have downloaded this attachment.but i dont found tuned files for mercedes c230 kompressor.what is name of this file or folder?Thanx

  16. admin says:

    links fixed

  17. after the download and mount, im not brave enough to try it!!! its not that i dont trust, but hey.. anyone try anything from the disc?? All i can read is: Please fix the links? Or i can download 1 file per day? so what, it took me like 5 days or more( i cant remember now)just to download and few days of raid the disc, but i still didnt try anything! so my question is obvious: did anyone try anything?

    Thank you

    BTW this site is more then excellent!


    • If you try it on diesel engine, please do not afraid anything. You won’t damage anything. At any time you will be able to put the original file back (of course firstly make a copy of it).

      • well, what if i brick the ECU? is there any tricks that can helps to unbrick it, or i need to do it with EEPROM reprogrammer? that of course includes desoldering and soldering…

  18. bxl_boysaki says:

    THANK YOU very much man!!!!!!!!

  19. murty says:

    i can’t open the file.
    how do i open the file when i have extracted all 17 packages with winrar?
    can i open them with winols?
    i have tried with mpps, kwp2000plus, galetto etc…

    • galletto definitly opens the files, i personally try the audi 2.5 mod(which has a like audio extension,and it can be recognized by the VLC(of course VLC cannot play it obviously)) but the main thing its that i try the mentioned file, galletto recognized SW number and HW number and the files i OK! so either u doing something wrong or…. try again

  20. murtyman says:

    Im having trouble with the downloaded files..
    It only extracts as a single .nrg file and i can’t get it opened with kwp 2000 or any other flash program.
    Do i need the program you have on this site-winols-?!
    Or am i doing something wrong?

  21. bxl_boysaki says:

    Thank you for the file.
    after axtracting the files, i found a “.nrg” file. how do you open it?
    how do you use it with winols?

    thank you for helping me.

  22. pater says:

    Do i have to install ilivid to download the Files? I have donwloaded files 1-12 without ilivid, now its not working with and without ilivid.

    • admin says:

      All parts should be unrared and mounted with daemon tools

      • or if u are like me MAC user u can use mount disc utility, or toast titanium or…whatever best suits U!


  23. Steve says:

    Hi, What ECU Map did you use for your 2.2 ST TDCI?

    I have a 2004 ST TDCI and am not sure what file to apply :-)

    Thank you for this by the way.

    • admin says:

      Hi. Glad to hear that you own ST TDCi too. Well, I think that you won’t find exact map for your vehicle in the package. Mondeos have lots of variants of engine (with electrical/vacuum controlled turbo; electrical/vacuum EGR; air flow meters etc).
      Mine got custom remmap right now (decat pipe, exhaust, intercooler)

      • Steve says:

        Any idea where i can get a map for my car? other websites maybe?

        • admin says:

          If you are very interested in chiptuning (not only in a result), you may study this thing. After learning and testing you can make map yourself. :)

  24. VW PD TDI says:

    Before I spend the time to download 17 files, can someone tell me if you have files for VW’s PD TDI 1.9 engine?
    Also, is there an up-and-running torrent for these files?

  25. yes there is files for the VW PD TDI engines!

  26. error says:

    I can’t install Bosch ecu nr.exe “The program can’t start because mfc70.dll is missing from your computer…”
    What is this program and do I need it / want it?

  27. Could you please upload it to some Torrent ? That would be great !

  28. hayzoli says:

    Laguna 2004 1.9dci ecu:0281011723
    Find no tuning file!Please help me!

  29. antgarci says:

    Citroen C4 1.6HDI 110HP 1037371536

    Could you send me the tuned file or a link to find it? Thanks!!

  30. mario says:

    hi i have a ford focus 1.6tdci 109hp is a edc16, you have the file tuned for my car?? if is can you send me the link??

  31. Super saab says:

    Is there any files to saab 9-5 in the download

  32. Vaidas says:

    Please update part 6 file, tried 5 times to download and it stops always in a half way :(

  33. Murtyman says:

    what is the difference between the files listed under “files” and the ones listed under “modified files”??

  34. Pousinhosport says:

    good night … I’m having problems in Part 4

    thank you

  35. shahab says:

    hello,i need file remap ecu bosch mp3.2 gti6 167hp
    are you hellp me or send just file bosch mp3.2 for me?

  36. johnrs says:

    are these files all tested? someone that already tested these tuned files with good results? are there some ford tdci files for download? bought a cheap mpps dongle for my focus 1600tdci, can these files be used with it?

  37. speaker says:

    Very good files for learning purposes! thank you

  38. exhaust says:

    Very nice of you to share with us, but are there any newer files? I am especially interested into VAG engines. What are the chances to find those newer ones, at least up to 2010 year?

  39. hello you modified files for audi a4 2.0TDI / 2.7TDI / 3.0TDI
    and a6 and a3. cordially

  40. Miguel says:

    Admin, upload the file with 4,2GB to a torrent pls

  41. Hi,

    I can see mod files for Tucson and Santa FE . Can I have one for Accent CRDi as well?

  42. Hi,

    Tucson2.0CRDI_694.mod doesn’t open up using ECUFlash or HPT or tuner pro. please help.
    I’m unable to open any of the orig or mod files using the above tools…!!

  43. Sixth link is not working. Please check it. Thank you

  44. TUNING FILES\MODIFIED FILES\fiat\PUNTO\Punto JTD\step-0126.bin

    this file is tested and 100% working! little Punto is a big punto now!!!! goes like hell!

  45. Hello,
    thank You for all the files. one thing,the folder “files” consists of modified files or the original ones?

  46. Which file do I use the bmw E91 330xd?
    Thank you

  47. Vladan says:

    Can these files also be used with Galetto? I have Galetto, but I do not have the files for it.

  48. adman says:

    so i downloaded the 17 files and now it says I need file number 18? How many files are there? where is number 18?

  49. hi file 17 downloads as corrupt are you able to amend this at all?

  50. Which file do I use the bmw E91 330xd? It’s year 2006.
    Thank you

  51. MPPS v12. Why?

  52. When I try and run the file Bosch ecu nr I receive the this error “program cant start because mfc70.dll is missing” any ideas how I could fix this? I have windows 7

  53. Hi admin. Here’s the recorded file BMW 330xd 2006 promised.
    You look at it please? Thank you :)

  54. Scooter says:

    Hello !
    Im now downloading the arhives. I have a BMW 520d e39 year 2000. Is there any files for this model?
    Thank you very much.

    • admin says:

      Yes you should find file for your vehicle.

      • Scooter says:

        thank you, slow downloading… no premium account

      • Scooter says:

        Another question…. I can use an Galletto 1260 interface with this files? This interface can be used with my car. Thank you

        • admin says:

          yes you can

        • Scooter says:

          I’m sorry, one last question. I finished downloading archives trying to look for a file for my BMW 520d e39, but i don’t find anyone. Don’t understant filenames….
          Thanks in advance

          • eirik says:

            hello. did you get the file? awesome site but not that easy to find. looking for the same file
            got some files with my kwp2000 tool but my car wouldnt start afterwards so had to flash the original file back in

  55. Oumer Ismael says:


    Kindly recommend which software and flasher to use for toyota hiace 2008 1KD FTV engine. To erase the OBDII fault codes P2002 & P2033.

    Many thanks for your assistance.

  56. I’m downloading the archive but it’s quite slow… Could anyone who downloaded please check is there any tuning files for W211 E320 2003? Thanks!

  57. Mike Days says:

    Hi, admin and partners, anyone have the file for vw new beetle 2.5L STD 06 or 07??, thx a lot

  58. Morgado says:


    Do you have any “FAP-OFF” files for Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI 110? The FAP was physically removed, and the original file was modified in ECUSAFE. I still have the same error and the lack of power. Do you have any solution?

  59. Kris gillon says:

    Hi is there s file for an astra 1.9 cdti 16v 2007 model?
    And can I use kwp2000 to write these files?

  60. John Adams says:

    Hi Admin
    I really want to learn chiptuning and ECU remapping,can you tell me please how and where ?have some PDF course?
    Really thanks in advance and hope to get answer.

  61. Is there any file for Alhambra tdi 110ps? What is the diference betwwen the folder Files and Modfied Files?

  62. Hi admin.
    I have big problem….
    I remap my passat 3bg 130 pd, and now i cant start my car…. =(
    Tiptronic Tras has Locked, and engine wont start…
    I can not rech engine ecu with Vag Com, it say “Too many Comunications Error”
    What should i do?
    How to fix ecu….?

    • admin says:

      You took wrong file from the package or you made file by yourself? As I see your car has automatic gearbox, so you made bad decision for choosing file.. The one way to fix it is open ECU and write to memory old file with some programmer like BDM.

  63. Hi Admin,
    I’m looking for a tuning file for the Seat Leon Cupra 1P 03/2008.
    Does the package contain a tuning file for this car?
    i.e. approx 310 HP / 420 Nm or someting comparable?

    Thx in advance!

  64. Sorin says:

    Hy, Great Job !… but, useless if I need 17 days to download all these files, because most of us, needs 2-3 files… so, why you didn’t make 17 arch. with all of these files like VW, BMW, etc… so everybody could download what is needed.

  65. GJ for sure. But there is no need to download, when u are looking for a model that isn’t at least 10 years old :-(
    (I learned that after downloading…. :-) )
    Looking forward for some updates for newer cars.


    • Sorin says:

      For new cars, you cannot find here or other place good files for free… for a real good file you need to pay, incl. for original files… and who is talking about self tunnig is dreaming… so,… guys, if you really want to modify your ECU files, for your car, it’s more cheaper and safer to buy a good/tested file.

  66. Is there Golf 5 1.9 tdi 105 HP map?


  67. Davor says:

    Hi..i have a bmw e46 1999 320D 136 hp …i have the galletto 1260 ecu tool… and i have trouble finding the right file to boost it up… i downloaded your ecu tuning files.. but i dont know which is the right one… send me the name of the file… and i will find it in your files…

  68. Hi looking for a audi a4 1.8t 150 remap file the 193 bhp one. thanks dave

  69. Ben Dover says:

    Can you send me the programm digiprog-obd, i want to have a preview before iam goint to buy it.

  70. Raima says:

    Does anybody can drop archive of the ECUtuned files to some more frendly server?

  71. tckenny says:

    Is there Ssangyong Kyron remap?


  72. jordan says:

    i can’t extract .rar file … it says that i need some type of code ??? which is code how to solve this problem ?

    it says ” you need to have the fallowing volume to continue the extraction ”

    “insert a disc with the volume and press OK or press cancel to exit “”

    • admin says:

      you didn’t downloaded all archives

      • jordan says:

        i realised that anfer i see what is written in browse , i will download all files now and i will extract It… after i plan to buy galletto 1260 ( because i read tht with that cable and software i can remap cars ) , so if i had some problem i will sedn you a message . Thanks

  73. jordan says:

    i download all files and extracted to nrg file, so now i can open it with damon tools , but now i have some questions

    how exactly to know which file i need to use for that type of car ( will it show when i connect when galletto and read from stock map )

    and will you explain the procedure for flashing and chosing the right file ?

    • jordan says:

      also i seee when open files with galletto SW and HW number , so is that number must be samo for runet file and original ?

      pls explaind that process of remap :)

  74. I flashed my ECU (BORA TDI AGR) with this files works perfect

    with galletto 1260.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for feedback ;)

      • jordan says:

        in which way you chose the file that you need you ? because in a folder for example ( vw golf 115cv folder there is 5 files ) so which program ( and how you do that ) you used for compare the original map and tuned to know which map is right for your car ???

  75. hi!
    BMW 325 TDS ,ecu tuning file???

  76. Raphael says:

    Hi !! Is there a Mercedes Benz ML320 1999 Petrol Engine (w163) file ? Thx !

  77. m4nik says:

    I must say what a brilliant site
    whats the best programmer for a 2004 mondeo tdci 130bhp
    is it possible to flash the ecu via the obd socket
    without removing the ecu from the car
    does the tuning files include a map I can flash to the above car

    • admin says:

      Hi, I think you will need to remove ECU. Some time ago I have been searching tool for Mondeo remapping via OBD, but I didn’t find anything suitable. The Mondeo’s has so many engine types (eletric, non electric egr/turbo etc), so my advise will be to compare files.

      • m4nik says:

        thanks for the reply
        how do i check the difference between bin files
        when the bin files arent named for my car
        which software do i use to open the maps to check

  78. Wataruid says:

    Thanks for all files..

  79. Hi admin,

    can you please upload to uploaded.net??
    I would be very grateful to you my friend!


  80. Ivan Atanasov says:

    Hi,can you send me a file for my 330xd 2001 (184hp) on my email – vankatavsc@gmail.bg THANKS !!!

  81. Antony Cull says:

    Hi do you have the file for the bmw e46 323i 2.5 as i dont want to down load all the files just for one car could you email it to me please

  82. Hello!
    Do you have the file for vw passat 2002 ,105 cv..Thank you!

  83. Hello!
    I need a map for vw passat ,2005,105cv .Please help me!

  84. Hi,

    I´m looking for the Tuning Maps for Golf V 1.9 TDI 105 PS.
    Please can someone send me the files?

    Thank you very much.



  85. you can post me at petitesannonces69@live.fr

  86. Steve says:

    Hi do you have a tuning file for a vw Golf 2002 1.9 tdi 150bhp ?


  87. Nicholas says:

    Is there a remap included for a Seat Ibiza 6L TDI PD (96kW)? The motor code is ASZ

  88. Rinalds says:

    Can you please send me file for AUDI A4 1,9TDI AJM 115bhp.


  89. Miguel says:

    Hey there.

    First of all , great job on this files, its seems endless :)

    Second: can i work on mpps v13 with this files? I have ECM TITANIUM and where do i put the directory named files?

    Tks in advance :)

  90. Hi,can you send me a file for my 330xd 2001 (184hp-manual) on my email – vankatavsc@gmail.com THANKS !!!

  91. Agris says:

    Hi. I download all files. Howe can i find files for my vw bora 1.9tdI 81 kilowatts (110 PS; 109 bhp) @ 4,150 rpm; 235 newton metres (173 lbf·ft) @ 1,900 rpm AHF?

  92. chris says:

    Great service making these tuning files accessible for everyone! I’m really looking forward to test it on my 1.4 TDI PD BNM 70HP machine.

    I’ll let you know the results as soon I’m done :)

    one thing: uploading the whole image via torrent would make it a lot easier to acquire. but HEY, its for free, so W(hy)TF complaining about a couple of clicks?

  93. ichigo says:

    what is the password of this archive?

  94. Simon says:

    Hi would it be possible for you to send me a file for a 2002 ford mondeo 2.0 130 tdci please would be much appreciated

  95. chris says:

    Could anyone help me out with finding the right file to remap my Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDI PD BNM 70HP? I would like to remap it to ~95HP but there is no “Fabia” directory within the “/Tuning Files/Modified/Skoda/”-folder, I can only see 23 “.drv” files in “/Tuning Files/Files/Skoda/fabia/” but which one shall I choose? The name doen’t indicate to which engine the file belongs.

    Thanks in advance.

  96. Can these files be made into a torrent file? Would be easier to download.

    Also can anyone confirm if this contains any maps for the VW Golf 1.8t?

    Its a lot to download without knowing whats in each file.


  97. Has anyone got a list of the tuning files included? I just need to know if the golf is on there.

  98. Can somebody please upload a single file to help download without limitations of big brother rapidgator?
    Thanks a lot.

  99. Albert says:

    parts 17 link dead, Could not open the socket….

  100. Hi… Do you have SAAB 9-3 1.9 tdi, 110 kw, 2004-2005-2006??

  101. Hello maesrtro.Do you now or have a mpps map for mk5 2.0 tdi 140hp?bosch kline.i read the map if you need it.Thank you very much!

  102. Marcus says:

    Hello there.

    Thanks a lot of this site.
    I am a bit “green” with this, but you can help me.
    I have Nissan King Cab 4×4 2,5 Tdi 2005, do you have here something for it ?

  103. Lorens says:

    Do you have here a mapp for my golf 4 1.4 16v?How many horsepower can I give extra to my car? 8-10 is ok? because is a small engine,can you please help me with some information.

  104. smpplaza says:


    Although I’m very very grateful that you’ve put these files here for free a torrent would be nice. That will eliminate the agony of having to wait hours for a download to finish and the delay “rapid”gator enforces. If there’s anyone who know how to do this and wants to take the effort is he/she permitted to do so??

    Thnx in advance!!

  105. Duwiz says:

    Hi, I need Passat b6 2.0 ppd 1.2 siemens 103kw 2005 chiptuning file.Can u send it for me? original file i have read with byteshooter and bdm100. my email: Duwiz@infoseka.lt Thank’s and sorry for bad my english

  106. Danny328 says:

    TUNED_FILES_ECUTUNING.part17 this part is corrupted. cannot unrar this file! :(((((

  107. Hello,
    Many ,many thanks for all files ,but for my citroen xsara 2004 2.0 hdi with siemens ecu is no file.Please if you have this file ,send to my email seal77mania@yahoo.com.
    Thanks in advance!!!!!

  108. 180461 says:

    do you have a file for a 2000 VW Jetta MK4 1.9 TDI VE engine code ALH

  109. Darijo says:

    Hello.Da we can send tuning folder Passat 3BG 130ks from 2001 to mail omnia716gb@gmail.com, thanks and LP.

  110. IF YOU CAN EMAIL ME abbott22@hotmail.co.uk regarding punto 1.2 16v sporting

  111. can someone tell me how I do this I have a flasher to usb thing do I need to download or get certain software ? how do I put this on my car once ive downloaded any help will be much appreciated thanks in advance my email is
    abbott22@hotmail.co.uk or
    abbott22.la@googlemail.com if its easier to email me many thanks

  112. Shone says:

    Hello, I want to do chip tuning, i found tuning company the r selling ecu maps so i was thinking to start buying from them but I don’t know do I have to buy files every time or,like if i buy file for BMW E61 525D and flash it, can i use the same file on the another E61 525D,,, ? Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello, if the engine modification is the same, yes you can use the same file. But please compare the original files first to be 100% sure.

  113. vip65 says:

    hello, my car is a BMW E46 320d 2004 g.hn 0281011122 sn.1037377369,
    please send me working correctly mod tuning file

  114. Can somenone help me, i’m looking to fiat bravo files anda i cant undestand how the files are so short, my original file have 2048 of size and i can’t find nothing like that…

  115. Tiago Correia says:

    Could anyone send me the remap for around 150cv for a BMW e46 2001 (136cv).
    I bought the Mpps 13 and I would like to remap my ECU.

    My email is lobao_tyger@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much

  116. Veteran says:

    Hi admin! Can you send me a tuned file for my Dacia Duster 4×4 Diesel 110HP on my email
    Thank You very much!

  117. Julien says:


    I don’t manage to download the DVD image. I have a Mercedes CLS W219 320 CDI but I am not able to download the files.


  118. JuulioFinni says:


    Part 12 and part 17 are corrupted! I can not have the file many days goes waste because done downloadin so long! :”””””(

  119. saab 9-5 freak says:

    hi i have chosen to pay for premium rapidshare account and have downloaded all the file folders,
    When I mount them with daemon tool will work only part 1 all the other shows damaged disc, anyone who happened to it?
    admin has no answer to this?

    In the absence of the right file in part 1 of my saab 9-5 2.0t -99
    wish I would be able to bring order to the other nrg parts so that I can get complete with all 16 parts. admin has answers to this?

    9-5 freak

  120. please mail me fail for Passat ’99 AFN 110bhp – lubomanolov@gmail.com

  121. Morten Hansen says:

    Hi mate.

    Do You have a tuningfile for 2002 2.5 v6 Mondeo.. Got some intake mods done to the engine, so also a mondeo st200 tuningfile have my interest if possible!

    Great work you are doing with this page mate.. Top top top :-)

    Warm regards

  122. saab 9-5 freak says:

    Hello again!
    perhaps I was a bit unclear in my question. I have downloaded all part 1-17
    When I mount them with daemon tools, I only get access to part 1, the other part says daemon tools are typos on. Someone who suffered the same as me?

    for in terms of Part 1, there are not any models with there. in my case, after I search for Saab 9-5 2.0t -99 trionic 7


  123. any Mercedes benz w203/c32 amg maps? and can u send a link to download from a different host please.


  124. Dimas says:

    Hi, admin!

    I need maps for OPEL/VAUXHALL X20DTL. My e-mail address is dimo_petrov@abv.bg .

    Thanks a lot!

  125. Dimas says:

    Please! I cannot download the files from here. I am still looking for maps for X20DTL. The e-mail address is the same ( dimo_petrov@abv.bg ).

    Thank you in advance!

  126. louis says:

    hi, having trouble downloading, can only download one at a time, but when I go to unzip files it says looking for part2 of the archieve? any help would be great! any do they work on mpps v13

  127. antoine says:

    can you reupload part 17? It’s missing.
    Thank you!

  128. jasper says:

    i was just wondering if there are any volvo files in the “package”? like 2.0T maybe?

  129. Nicolae Andrei says:

    Hello. Thank you for the maps. I wanted to ask how to make the maps work for peugeot 406 2.0 hdi 110 hp? I’ve tried every map on my car, and it doesnt work.

  130. Jari Kuisti says:

    Is there a performance map for Ford Focus MK1 1.8 petrol 85kw?

  131. saab 9-5 freak says:

    hello again, I packed up all the files,
    there is only one party that has 4.3GB, all other files that I unpack is 265MB, besides party of 10, 11, which says that it is corrupt when I pack up the party gets 10 in size 2.017GB, and part 11 is 1.7GB, jack has extracted all the files in the same folder, and mount with daemon tool
    do not know why it goes wrong …


  132. hi in need of a map file for a leon 2.0tdi 140bhp bkd 03G906021SF if you could help could you email me on sims.luke1@gmail.com thanks

  133. Valentin says:

    hello can you please reupload 12 rar is not workable

  134. andristas says:
  135. Hello!
    I need a remap for 2007 Peugeot 407 2.0hdi 136.Please help me!
    thank you


  136. are these .bin files?

  137. any chance of a torrent file?…having major troubles downloading….cheers

  138. is there a file for the mini cooper 1,6l 115hp?
    which cable (plug, adapter) and software do I need?

    thanks for the help

  139. Part 9 is down =/

  140. Hi what are the changes in the file please………….thanks

  141. part 9 down
    somewhere else to find it ?

  142. Is there a file for the Opel Omega 2.5TD 130 HP 96 KW
    Ecu Nr 0281001214
    Eeprom 2537355394 and 2537355342?

  143. Göki says:

    Admin please upload the part 9

  144. pls reup
    or send me the tuning file (mini cooper 1.6l 116hp r50, year2005).

    thx bros

  145. please can you re upload part 9 many thanks

  146. Hi! How much power i get your file on my mb 200 cdi?

  147. dennis says:


    Is there also de tuning map for the Suzuki Swift 1.3ddis 69hp 2005 engine code z13dt

    Greets Dennis

  148. Crabhunter says:

    Part 5 link is dead. Please reupload it. Thanks in advance

  149. Marius says:

    Could send someboby map file for 320d M47 engine 136 hp? Thanks a lot.

  150. hi admin is that it is the original file or file change? thanks

  151. raiko says:

    hi admin , do you have torrent ?

  152. cosmin says:

    hy guys, do you have tunning files for astra g y 20 dth?

  153. pranay says:

    hey do u have any remap for skoda 1.9pd at 2007 in this files? and which softerware would be easy for the remap of the ecu?

  154. Hi admin

    Could send somebody tuning file for
    Golf V 2.0 FSI 150 hp?
    Thanks a lot

  155. Djenkov says:

    Hi,can you send me a file for my VW PASSAT AVF 2001 (130hp) manual gearbox on my email – venelin_djenkov@abv.bg THANKS !!!

  156. bonjour, pourrais-je avoir tuning file pour 2009 fiat bravo 2 1.9d 16v 150ch et avec quel logiciel ? merci
    Excellent travail que vous faites … merci! mon adresse c skyro974@hotmail.fr

  157. hayzoli says:

    Renault Laguna 1.9DCI 2004 Tuning file NO TEMPOMAT!!!

  158. Constantinos says:

    hey folks
    anybody have remap file for VW Golf mk5 1.4 TSI GT?
    If do please send email me cpastou@gmail.com

  159. Hi Mate

    would be kind enough to please send me best remap file for my car…

    its AUDI A4 2.0 TDI 170 QUATTRO 2007 BRD – UK MODEL

    PLS MATE… will really appreciate

    my email id – shuyeb@hotmail.com


  160. yankee ad flash player sux. tks for the files 7zip920 doesnt seem to open them correctly

  161. AHU TDI says:

    Hello sir,

    Can the admin or someone re-upload the single file link please? I am clicking and it says the file server is down. I would like the link for the single-link download please. Thank you! A torrent would also be nice! Or any thing that I can download via 1 link!. Thank you


  162. AHU TDI says:

    If that is not possible I am looking for the file for 1.9 AHU VW Diesel files PLZ :)

  163. Hi, i have one little question. If Ihave remapped file for BMW e39 3.0d dde4.0 184Hp, then I can upload this file to all that kind ecu’s, that dosen’t depend on ecu’s serial number etc…?

  164. Hello.Can anyone send me a Tuning map for mk5 2.0 TDI ,140hp, BKD engine, year 2004.If you have please send me to: Jim.iulian@gmail.com. Thank you all.

  165. heyy admin plz i need tuning file for OPEL ZAFIRA A 2.0 dti 16v plzzzz :)

  166. yakuzo says:

    Hi, do you have a tuning file for a VW Lupo 1,2 TDI 3L / Audi A2 1.2 TDI 3L ?

  167. yakuzo says:

    Hi !

    Does somebody have a tuning file for a Audi A2 / VW Lupo 1.2 TDI ?

    Thanks a lot !

  168. David says:

    Hey Admin and everyone,

    could someone send me some information about what ECU remapping software is the best in price/preformance ratio, what should I buy? Is there a open source version somewhere on the web?
    I found ECUflash 1.44, but is only good for EVO-s.
    Thank you for the help.

  169. stknot says:

    Thank you

  170. Hi,
    thank you for info and files, your site is very helpful.

    Parts 7 and 11 are missing,
    could you check it and upload them again.
    Thank you

  171. black box says:

    im sorry if this as been asked be for but can you use the same file on the same make ie astra 1.9cdti on ant 1.9cdti or vw to vw and so on or do you have to have a new one for each car

  172. Hello, can you please upload files: 3 , 7 , 11 again?
    i purchased premium membership to upload this files but it does no more exist.
    Please download it as soon as possible, i will be very happy.
    Thank you.

  173. Dragan78 says:

    The file 3,7 AND 11 could not be found.
    Can you uploaded, please?

    • admin says:

      I am sorry, the files will be re-uploaded as soon as possible… I had no time to to update the site.

      Some more files and video coming soon!

  174. need file for bmw e39 520 turbodiesel. wich part do i need to download?
    regards eirik norway

  175. Sparks0000 says:

    you list a lot for mondeo 2006 2007 2008 2009 etc but you do not say which ecu version, mondeo have several different ecu and several in each year so ecu type would be helpfull.regards.

  176. Andrei says:

    Hi! Can you help me with tuned file for renault megane 2 1.5 dci, 82 hp 60kw?
    In your archive i can’t find it.

  177. Mike Mak says:

    Hi Admin,

    I would like to have a remapped file for 2002 Audi A4 B6 power from 150ps to 19xps; Engine block:AVJ , thanks!!

  178. Baptist says:


    would you have the file for a vw polo 6rbleumotion 66kw?

    thanks in advance

  179. Hey, do you have a file for a ford focus 1.6tdci 90ps 2008?

    Could you please make it so that you dont have to download the whole lot, just the file you need!

    Thanks :)

  180. Estevam says:

    Olá I looking for a GM 151 file, original or tuning, for the Car Opala, Brasil – GM, in USA the GM 151 Tech IV. Where i find it? Thanks. Sorry for the english….

  181. Daniel says:

    Hi Admin.
    How I know whats file is right for my Seat Toledo 1.9TDi, 66kW?
    Becouse there are files named like step-0082.bin, but if i use bosh ecu nr it works only file step-0087.bin.
    Thanks. :)

  182. Wayne Modz says:


    how do i identify what maps are for what ecu?
    i see alot of the maps in the modifed folder are in fact original maps
    so theres a duplication of maps. some maps are copied 5 or 6 times.

  183. Hi admin

    Could send somebody tuning file for
    B5.5 (3BG) – 2004 Year
    1.9 Tdi 74 KW – 101 HP
    My mail is k.sasa.381@gmail.com
    Thanks a lot


  184. marten says:


    Do you have file for peugeot partner 1,6 hdi ?

    I get crc errors when i download your rar files :(

  185. rocco says:

    i cant ectract the files… i have always an error with a damaged files

    what i make false?

  186. Hi there do you have some file for fiat bravo jtd 105 yaer 2000 thank.s

  187. bmw e46 320d 150 bhp. mybe somebody have remap file for this car. regards edgaras.klemas@gmail.com

  188. sandor says:

    thanks for the new links now i can download all again.
    other links keep saying damage rar…

    if you have a torrent for all the files could you send it?

    thanks from holland!

  189. Linus says:


    I have downloaded all files but I don´t understand which file I should use, my car is 2004 vw passat 1.9 tdi with the avf engine. thanks a lot for good service. It is a 4-motion if that matter.


    • Hello friend,

      I posted comment for passat but nobody help me…
      I can’t download tuned files.
      Could you please send me file for:
      B5.5 (3BG) – 2004 Year
      1.9 Tdi 74 KW – 101 HP
      My mail is k.sasa.381@gmail.com

      Or all files for this passat if you couldn’t find the right file.

      Thanks a lot


  190. dragon1500 says:

    Could send somebody tuning file for
    Audi a3
    1999 Year
    1.9 Tdi – 90 HP
    My mail is domingos.damasioo@hotmail.com
    Thanks a lot

  191. Hello,
    which is the right one for A6 2,7TDI 180PS? There are so many…

    thanks from germany!

  192. Stephane Perdrieau says:

    Hey thanks for your great site , im looking for tuned files for hyundai santa fe 2.0 CRDI in dont find it ! Can you émail me please ? soleilnoir666@hotmail.fr thanks you very much stephane

  193. Davor says:

    CAR: Mercedes E280 w211 3.2 cdi 6 linear 177hp automatic
    Bytes: FFFFF
    Checksum: 9888
    Marca: Bosch
    Num. HW: 1037369831
    Num. SW: 1037369831

    Can someone send me tested tuned file for this car..
    email: davorcika@gmail.com

  194. im having a fiat grande punto 1.3 mjd 90hp.

    which file suits me.. admin please help..

  195. hi thanks for the download , would it be possible to get a trusted remap file for me to out on with mpps for a astra h 2005 1.7 cdti 100 , manual gearbox and it has a sport button if that makes a difference ,

    would be very grateful

    thanks chris


  196. Edgaras says:

    I bought the premium plan I do not understand how to download the files here. maybe you can help

  197. Edgaras says:

    hi. Could send somebody tuning file for vw polo tdi 2002

  198. Janio says:

    Friends need help from people with experience in remapping of graficaos how to read and save file using mpps v 1.3 of vehicles that is not listed here in my country there is bi-fuel vehicles are not included in many lists of what to Fezer this case ?

  199. Gawie says:

    Dear Admin.

    Thank you very much for the files. I can confirm that the links are still active.

    I have a 2007 VW Touareg 5L V10 that I would like to tune but I`m unable to find the files needed for my model.

    Can you please confirm if there is any compatible files in the list of modded files that you so kindly provided.

    Thanks Gawie

  200. Hiya just want some advice on what software and hardware to use to remap my ford focus 1.6 zetec 2005 petrol! Thanks

  201. hayzoli says:

    Renault Laguna 1.9DCI 2004 [enginetuning.eu].rar
    Cruise Control inactive after flash

  202. Anthony says:

    Hello :) Great website ! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have a Chevrolet Kalos 1.2 and would like to get the full potential from the engine and improve the bhp. I have downloaded all files from your site and purchased a Gilletto 1260 OBDII cable. I am ready to flash it. May I ask.. are these files the uncapped versions of what the engines can emit to? or are these the original factory ecu files? Cheers :)

  203. Niksan says:

    I’m having astra g 1.6 16v (x16xel),can you send me tuning file(without egr) please. Thank you!

  204. File 1 works but 2-17 say broken or bad file wont extract tried down loading them a second time still no good. Solutions?

  205. Lemmy says:

    How to copy tuning file map in my file map please.
    I can read your tuning file map with winols but i don’t know to copy tuning map in my file.
    Please help me.


  206. Tilen says:

    I am still downloading these files I only wonder is there a tuned file for a 2008 Fiat Bravo 1.9 multijet 110 kw/150 hp included in these maps? If not does anyone have any tuned maps for that kind of car I would be really gratefull for a tuned map for my Bravo :)

  207. Hello,
    Does Anyone have the ROM Dump of Daewoo AT Super Saloon 1994, ROM Named as BNRJ 4595,

    Serv. No 16808042

  208. Hey thankyou for the files! Great person.
    But can you tell me wich map is for 525d e39? Thankyou

  209. Siero says:

    Hi, could u tell me, in this package can i find 2.0Hdi 90km Peugeot map (Peugeot Partner I ) ? Thanks for fast reply :)

  210. Darius says:

    Hi admin. Please write email to me if you can. I have some questions. Thanks ( wdariusw@inbox.lt) .a

  211. Martin says:

    Hi, could You please send me the files for Audi A3 – 2001 – 1,9 tdi – ASZ engine. Many Thanks in advanced.

  212. tittaz says:

    There is also a file for my Audi A4 2000 TDI year 2005, thank you

  213. Gandalf says:

    Do you have the mod. file for Ford Mondeo 2001 2.0tdci 115hp?. I see there are lots of files for Mondeo, but whitch one is for my car?

  214. Shane says:


    I managed to download every file just fine, but I was NOT able to open the files in TunerPro. TP calls for a “.xdf” file extension, which no files we downloaded are! Many of them are “.std” files.

    What am I supposed to do with the STD files and the like? What opens them. (I’ve already mounted the system image with DaemonTools and tried to open with every software I could download using the .std extension.)

    HELP! haha



  215. Cvetan says:

    Can someone please send me everything for Opel Vectra B DTI 2.0 101 hps ( or may be 100 hps) if there is, on tsvetandatsov@hotmail.com and may be some short instructions witch programs to use to flash securely! Thanks in advance!

  216. safsaf says:

    can I use this file to chip tune via OBDII port only or can I use another flasher

  217. Touransporter says:

    Hi, I’m searching a MOD File for VW Touran/Golf5, engine 2.0TDI BMM with DPF. Thanks.

  218. Hey nice job admin.

    I have 1 simple question.How to choose the right file?Is the HW nr. importnent,Is the SW number importnant or just the engine spec. like VW 2.0 PPD 140hp?

    How to know 100% the file is for a type of car.

  219. kyle aaron says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you had a map file for a 2001 VW Bora 1.9tdi PD130 engine? If so could you send me one, kyleaaronhankinson@gmail.com


  220. Brandon Lee says:


    I have a Ford Focus 1.6 LX. Do you have any ECU files on here? I’m after better MPG and maybe a little more power.

    Thank you!

  221. segio says:

    Hello, i was wondering if you possible have some map file to vectra B 2.0dti simple one??

    thanks, and keep nice work


  222. I can’t download from the link
    Someone can help me plz

  223. I can’t download from the link
    Someone can help me ?
    Please sent a download link or file to me

  224. Thomas says:


    i have downloaded the files successfully….

    now there are many files… how can i find my file for my car?

    searching for Volkswagon Polo 6n2 1,4 16v enginecode AUA….

    and what programm do i need?

    i have the KWP2000+ (china rebuild) and a AGV4000 OBD connector with k-line support…..

    need some help…. please….

    Thanks Thomas

  225. Rouslan says:

    Hi Admin (:,
    I have a question for you… do you trust these tuning files?

  226. din21 says:

    Ok after this long time of downloading the files one by one finally …..DONE…..

    But the thing is now which file do I use for a MK4 Jetta 1.8t??????
    is it the AWP or AWW AEW engine ??? code
    is it the engine with 180 hp or 150hp

    Can some one shed some light on this info PLZZZ
    Thnx in advance

  227. raulin says:

    Can I find Ducati Monster 695 map trough these files?

  228. oliver says:


    I wanted to know do this files contain bmw 525d e61 manual original 130kw ?


  229. insignia says:

    Hi guys,
    Before I attempt downloading all the files, can anyone tell me if contains a map for the vauxhall insignia 2.0 diesel 160 hp?

  230. Hi there.
    I have been searching the file for Rover 25 2.0 TDI of 2000.
    What is the right to increase power at low revs, but not the maximum power?
    The ECU is a D48632 labeled.
    Tanks very much.

  231. Hi,

    I have a OBDII fault reader, can i use this or i need a flash reader to remap with this mapping file.
    I am unable to download, can anyone please send me file for VW passat 2008 model 1.9 TDi and 2007 Audi A3 1.9 TDi please. info@dmglondon.com

    Thank you

  232. abdelrahman says:

    man this is a great site ,thumbs up…do these files include files for petrol and diesel engines ? if yes do they include seat ibiza mk2 cupra ABF and seat leon mk3 5f 1.2tsi dsg files ?
    thanks :)

  233. Zsaat says:

    Hi, thanks for the upload, the link works

  234. Zsaat says:

    Contact, write to drv053@gmail.com. I have some questions. thank you

  235. I have take your advice and just ordered the MAGPRO 2.
    I have just found and downloaded files.NRG from an Internet site but it appears to be several years out of date!

    I am after the files for a 2010 Ford Mondeo 2.2 tdci 175 ps.

    Can you help me either with the files or a link to a download please.

    Any other advice welcome also…………

  236. Hi Admin, I was able to download, how do i find my cars map, there are lots and lots in the folder.
    2008 VW Passat Highline 1.9tdi BXE engine, ECU EDC16U34

  237. martin says:

    sorry but just cantt afford to have malware & download manager etc on this pc as i use it for diagnostics etc & avg is showing download manager etc as spam/malware.
    have you got another link for download? ideally im looking for map for AHF engine golf gt tdi 110.

    • You do not need any download manager, just click free download, wait some time and you will be able to download.

  238. Gürkan SAKA says:

    hello to Opel Corsa C 1.3 CDTI Enjoy what files I need to YUL?

  239. danyboy says:

    Specify the tab for the Peugeot 307 1.6 HDI tuning 136cp
    not like what I have downloaded from ECU

  240. Hi, which file shall I download for Ford focus tddi (90bhp) 2001 year.


  241. danyboy says:

    I downloaded this dvd with maps, but the map of Peugeot 307 1.6 HDi 110 hp, is 2048 kb in size that the files must be tuned to use it with only 512KB?
    please answer me I would not want to have a car inoperable.
    use MPPS

  242. if anyone want pro tuning files contact me to ludbe88@gmail.com

  243. Hi i bayt one dvd with file tuning bot in dvd have a lot of file for ww golf4 and i dont lnow which work can anyone help me for this car ww golf4 1.9 tdi (81kw) 110 ps 2001 years can anyone have files to increase ps

  244. Dear Admin,

    Thanks for the share. Just a comment the file 13 seems to have a bad checksum?


  245. Hi and thanks for the effort.

    The download links are dead, but i need those files :)
    Does anyone have a link that works?

    My mail is muskel(at)gmail(dot)com


  246. heizbert says:

    Hello, thanks for this site, can you please send me a good file for 2007 TT 2,0 TFSI MKB: BWA hand shift and a 99 seat ibiza tdi with afn…thanks a lot

  247. Are there audi a6 v6tdi 2.5 tuning file

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