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Welcome, folks. I am happy if you visited my site and found something useful for you. This is site about vehicle’s ecu tuning. I am interested into ecu tuning, so I created this website, where I can share my experience with other people who look into this.
I have a huge archive of tuning files, this archive was made by world-wide chiptuners. These files are not made by real professionals, so before using you should learn a little bit about chiptuning and check file for “dumb” mistakes. Check tuning files download page in the menu (it contains remaps for ALL car makes!). Anyway, remapping diesel engine there is no possibility to damage engine, always you can write back your original file. But be careful with petrol engines! Bad remap can blow off your petrol car’s engine.
In this you will find much information about ecu tuning. Software, hardware reviews, videos, articles, tuning files and other information.
Little bit more information about ecu remaps:
Chip tuning refers to changing or modifying an EPROM chip in a car’s or other vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve better performance, whether it be more power, cleaner emissions, or better fuel economy.
-How much money does the remap (chiptuning) costs at chiptuning companies?
It costs around 500-1000$. The companies only takes your car and upload to it chip-tuned file, which is prepared long time ago… And take lot of money. Why you should pay so much money, when you can remap car yourself? It is not very hard. The main thing is to get a good re-map file. The rest of the job is quite easy.

The aim of chiptuning is:
To significantly increase power and torque over entire rpm range of the engine, especially on turbo charged engines. Here you will have the impression, after the optimization is done, to own a entirely diffrent car or to have changed into the next higher vehicle class.


  1. hi i have only one question can i flash this maps with mpps v13 obd2 usb cable

  2. hi,in one post you mention that you will upload links to chip tunnig books and articles,but i dont see them. can you send it to me?

  3. tomas says:


    what is the best software and hardware that you have used for tuning european cars via obd2 port?


  4. johan says:

    hi.fantastic site. can u perhaps help me with an egr delete and slight tune on chev captiva 2.o vcdi

  5. Jonathan herycyk says:

    Someone please help me, ill pay at this point..i have a 2006 dodge charger se..3.5 v6…im almost done installing the turbo and was told i HAVE to remap ecu or will damage my car..i bought a kwp2000 but what file do i use? What do i change?

  6. jndavo says:

    I’m specifically looking for a mapped ecu for golf iv tuning 110hp 99, thanks

  7. jndavo says:

    Hello I am interested in getting the file: [TUNED_FILES_ECUTUNING.nrg] but the link is dropped, would greatly appreciate it if someone could upload it or send it to me, I’m from Spain thanks for reading this message.

  8. maurizio says:

    I would like to remap my renault megane 1.5 dci 82cv 2003.
    can suggest which hardware and software to do it?
    you’ve already had experience with this car?
    I find the map in your database?
    I thank you in advance for your courtesy.
    congratulations for the site …. very nice and interesting

  9. vwgolf4cabrio says:


    Can you please Re-Upload the Free ECU tuning files Part11.rar? The File not be found!
    Thank you very much!


  10. volvo s80 2.5 tdi tuning software

  11. Kyle Armstrong says:

    If I read my audi tt map using mpps and store it on laptop and if I use one of your files
    Can the tuned file go straight on or do I need to change any infomation on it

  12. cpastou says:

    i have a vw gold mk4 90bhp tdi and if its possible to send me the remap file to my email. Also i want to ask if i can uploda to ecu car the file with kwp2000+ ?
    thanks in advance

  13. Erdem says:

    Hello, must i use the DigiProg to Flash ECU, or can i do that with the Galletto too?

  14. Please send me the file for VW GOLF V 1.9TDI 105ks ,BLS MOTOR,on my e-mail( nenadb46@gmail.com ) I would be very thankful. Please reply as soon as possible.

  15. alberto gonzalez says:

    I have been reading about increasing the power of my car (audi a4 b8 160hp) and definitively looks worthy as you can get:
    From 118 kW (160 HP) 250Nm to 155 kW (211 HP), 330 Nm, it is good increase of HP and a lot of more torque!
    and for this model is just an ECU modification (remap)

    Can you encourage me or not to do this by myself do you have access to the remapped ECU file for this model..

    Well local APR store charges you us500 for the remap.. what do you think, damaging the ECU could be a very bad idea, but this procedure looks so simple..
    appreciate your help

    • admin says:

      Damage ECU is very hard thing, in the other hand… Yes chip tuning companies charges a lot for ecu tuning. If you have time and if it looks interesting to you, you can try to make something by your hands.

      • alberto gonzalez says:

        Ok, i would love to try, so there is a special help for this audi a4 b8 160hp?
        I have watched some youtube videos and so far this is what i think I could do:
        1. Connect the car to the laptop using the SMPS flash tool (cables and unit) and then read current ECU setup and save this to a file (I will call it ECU_map) using the MPPS software
        2. Edit this file with the right software (a guy suggested me the free VAGSuite) or if I have the right remap file already, use it (I will call it ECU_remap), here is when I found your website so i would like to know if I am right and which ECU file I have to use from your site
        3. Last step write the ECU_map with the new ECU_remap using same MPPS program
        I found in ebay all the tools are for about us60 in: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SMPS-MPPS-DPF-OFF-REMOVAL-Tuning-Remap-Chiptuning-Tool-/190818674054?pt=UK_Diagnostic_Tools_Equipment&hash=item2c6dade586

        Appreciate if you can comment this and if you have a DYI or any help appreciate it

  16. Mindaugas1992 says:

    Admin, can you email me, i have got a lot of questions about the types of OBD II cables and software i can use. (I saw that you are lithuanian too. ). Thanks and Happy Easter ! 😉

  17. Pedro Branco says:

    I download all you files by the file/folder organization is a bit messy. I made an database to catalogue this files and would like you to help me do so. Are you interested?

    It would be a simple process. I ask make, model, engine,ecu and you tell me the file that matches that. After all is catalogued I will repackage all the files with databse for you to offer to download on your website

    • Pedro Branco says:

      the database will have pictures and detailed description so it will be easy to anyone to find the correct file for their car, used and if they report back saying it is OK, it is marked as OK on the database.

      I will also offer free SVN/github space to store this database, so people can get automatic updates of the database

      • Hi Pedro,

        That would be amazing… can you share the catalogue/database?

        Thanks (obrigado!)

      • Pedro says:

        I am still finishing the access database with direct attachement. as I sort the files or receive sorted and tested ones I will release newer versions of it.

        what do you people think?

      • Amazing! Please let us know if you need help 🙂

      • Pedro Branco says:

        I finished the database and decided to have it on a simple access file.

        Now all I need is tested files. Each time i receive a tested file I will reupload the database file with that new file

      • Owen Marshall says:

        This would be great to get a hold of if you could do that id really be interested

  18. David Azevedo says:

    hi any chance send by mail only corsa c 17DTY remap

  19. Make a good Job,i Like this !
    I Flash my old car ,an 206 HDI,this was an accident ,i Schearch to use Diagtool and buy KWP2000,load an mod file into to ecu and the car BOooost Very High,is run more than 210 Km/h (90 H.P) !

    The Xperience was very good and i continu my scientifique around Ecu s Eprom,Diagtool and more !

  20. versus says:

    nice project, keep going!

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