ECU remap benefits on different engine types

Petrol (not turbo)

Petrol (turbo charged)

Diesel (turbo charged)

Tuning this type engines will produce 5-10% BHP.

Tuning a petrol engine with turbo, will produce extra 10-20% BHP.

Tuning a diesel turbo engine will produce 20-40% bhp.

The engine will be more responsive to acceleration.

The engine will be significantly more responsive with power which comes immediately.

Diesel engine produces the most impressive power and torque gains. This is best to tune diesel engines.


  1. m-konsult says:

    Have a Peugeot 307 XT 2.0 HDI F Motor RHS KW: 79 HP:107 from 2003 manual gearbox
    Which of all the files you think I should use in my car?
    Thanks so much for a nice website

  2. Tomppa72 says:


    What programmer/software to tune Chrysler Sebring 2004 2.7 V6 petrol?

    What is ECU type?

    • Unfortunately, my used tools (kess, mpps, galleto etc) do not support your engine, ecu type. As I remember Galleto or MPPS supports Chrysler Sebring diesel.

  3. Matthew says:

    You are doing an interesting job. Where are you from mate?

  4. Banause says:
  5. Banause says:

    did you have tuning files for my Audi A6 4F 3.0TDI Quattro 225CV engine code BMK automatic ?
    thank you and a have a nice day

  6. carreira88 says:

    Hello admin
    I have a modified map, but do not notice, think lack modify the torque limiter map.
    Can you help me?
    Sending the file by email

    thank you very much

  7. Volkan says:

    i am from istanbul city /Turkey
    new on ECU field. Thanx for useful information helps.
    i wanna repair the ECU pcb ‘s thats why i was seeking for online source.
    Thanx dude !
    Can you advice me more source or website about ECU repair or other programming issues?

  8. https://www.enginetuning.eu gives me so much fun, thanks

  9. Great! Thanks 😀

  10. valacko says:

    Hi have not a tuned files for ford galaxy 1,9 Pdtdi, ecu nummer: 0281 010 629 software: 1037 36 0460 Ecu type: 038906019FA


  11. quite useful material, overall I imagine this is worthy of a bookmark, cheers

  12. As a Newbie, I am constantly browsing online for articles that can be of assistance to me. Thank you

  13. Hi. Thank you for your opinion. Yes these, advertisements are annoying, I know. But I don’t have other choice – rapidgator allows much space, high upload and download speeds.

    If you are using firefox, there is an addon which blocks these annoying advertisements.

  14. Simon Wheeler says:

    Hi, I like your idea to enable us to remap or flash our car ECUs but you don’t make it easy to download the tuning files in free mode. I’ve only been able to download parts 1 and 2 and no more – even on different days and different computers. Also I can’t unpack one part without the next numbered part. Cant unpack 1 without 2 and then cant unpack 2 without 3 and so on. Although I cant even download beyond part 2. I’m being frustrated by the limitations of the officially installed programs in the ECUS of both my Peugeot 406 and 307. It would be excellent to be able to install some sensible files that will prevent the restrictions imposed by anti-pollution fault messages and in fact ignore those problems altogether and allow the driver to decide whether he should drive on reduced power and not have the so called ‘limp mode’ imposed without warning. This sudden occasional imposition of greatly reduced power can be extremely dangerous when out in fast moving motorway traffic situations.
    You ask me to speak my mind so I will continue. Please allow your offer of free downloading to be genuine and not bogus as it appears to be. Also for goodness sake stop the spurious linking to obscure rubbish sex etc websites when one clicks on some of the prompts on your website.
    For example when I click on download one of the ECU Tuning Files I am taken to the following website which I am not remotely interested in: http://kovla.com/promotion/vip30?referer=4
    Also I get directed to:
    What kind of nonsence is this. It is nothing to do with anything that I have on my computer – it is entirely due to being on your website – maybe you should clean it up or perhaps they pay you for hosting these links?
    Anyway, I like your idea to help we punters to avoid the stranglehold and rediculous charges that the so called professional remappers like to impose.
    Also regarding the software WinOLS about which you say: ‘This program costs big money, if buying from its dealer. Here you can download it free’. I’ve followed your links and same story – I can’t download it free. I get to the message: ‘This file can be downloaded by premium only’. And while trying this I get sent to another crap website: http://sexysinglesex.com/?g=0&p=UK&c=25&s=UpForIt&key=e4c2744e93f1af0ab170659166206064.
    Please try to make it a bit easier or charge a modest amount for your help and don’t pretend to be offering ‘free’ assistance.
    If I do sign up for a premium account for 30 days at $12.99 I see that it will automatically renew and charge me again without any action by me. Does the one off signup for a premium account cover all downloads that I want ie all the ECU Tuning Files and the WinOLS software? Or does each download require individual premium accounts? Finally is it easy to cancel the premium account at the end of the first 30 days because I probably will not want to extend it.
    Looking forward to your comments.

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