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EngineTuning site is running for 3 year already. During this time site changed: from simple php site to the one which is running now (WordPress). This change was made after I saw a big interest from visitors: they were looking how to tune vehicles, where to find suitable and working remaps. Engine tuning was my hobby, in these years a learned a lot, from a beginner to qualified specialist. During the years I collected much valuable information and material. It’s time for another change. Unfortunately, EngineTuning is not going to be free anymore. To view all content you need to be Gold member. 9.99โ‚ฌ is not that much for every member, but itโ€™s essential for me to keep this website running. This surely will help me to cover server, maintenance and many other costs. Also this will encourage me to continue my work with this website.

What is more, I have added “File service” page, where you can take a look and if wanted submit your file to me for tuning. Service price is very reliable, I only take this money for my time spent on working with your file. Before using my service, please email me and we will discuss what I can do for you. I guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you own a garage and have many vehicles to tune, we can discuss for fast file tuning and a small discount.

Everyone who used File service or/and purchased Gold membership are invited to post a feedback here! Thank you!


  1. fila_os says:

    Excellent file service.
    I used the file service for Lancia Delta 1.6mjtd 88kw. Great work done again. I will use this file service for remap again.

  2. BRMTDI says:

    Awesome tune, got my 1.8T remapped.

    So much more power through out the band, power improved through out, way more top end but scared to push it until I replace more suspension components. Also very quick turn around a+++

  3. Boris Filakovic says:

    file service is excellent. I used to remap subaru legacy 2.0d.
    remap is great. lot of power and torque.
    its safe to use this fle service

  4. barrypowers says:

    Hi Im new to this site. Just wondering if any of the tuning files are usable via galletto 1260 or vagcom (ross tech) cables?

  5. peshmi says:

    dear all,
    I use for second time service of this site – Mercedes C320 cdi 224 hp stock, after tune I am satisfied again . nice job and good performance

  6. peshmi says:

    Dear all , i am new here and just to share experience about Enginetuning.eu from tuned mercedes w210 e270 cdi- impressed. realy nice job .unexpected almost NO smoke under acceleration with much more power which is sign for very good fuel/air mix.before that i use sevices on another – http://www.ecurmap.com..i would say do not use them, it was very very bad tune even i dont know how car starts..

  7. 01bruno10 says:

    Really good service, they really cares about customers. Just remapped a Fiat 1.9jtd 140hp EDC16C8 with a custom file he made for me. Also suscribed to the site, and bought two machines from him. Everithing perfect, a person that you could really trust.
    Recommended, I will continue making business with him.

  8. robocop1958 says:

    Enginetune did the second car/file for me, a Mercedes Van 416cdi. I asked for more power on low rpm and thats wat he did for me perfect. The engine is much more powefull now. Perfect again. Thamks a lot Enginetuning.eu

  9. robocop1958 says:

    Big difference in power and throttle response after remap done on my MercedesML270CDI, very pleased with the result!. Much more fun to drive with the car now. Thanks a lot, i am impressed.

  10. used file service twice. both times result was great, i am happy with the performance reached. thanks

  11. jaakko says:

    Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCI 2008 remap:
    Fast file service and excellent e-mail communication with admin before and after the remap. The extra power and torque can easily be felt, the car just got that small but necessary spicyness it was missing. My Kuga is now more responsive and more joy to drive both at slow and high speeds. No negative observations after the remap. I highly recommend admin’s remap service!

  12. leedibnah says:

    Remap done on my Audi TT 225bhp, big difference in power and throttle response, very pleased with the result!

  13. haukkax says:

    I get remapped file for 2007 mercedes 280cdi and it feels much more powerful. Low rpm torque is much better when cruising. GREAT JOB once again.

  14. metallize says:

    I have got my ford focus 2005 1.6 tdci remaped. Dpf and Egr off more power many thanks it works fine.

  15. well done aidi tt 2000 tfsi 200 hp. thank you very much !!! see with next car!!!

  16. haukkax says:

    Once again good job. opel vectra gts 2.0tbo is now more alive. It keep pulling at the end of the rev area.

  17. Geir Helge Knudsen says:

    Thank you. It worked very well. Has gained a lot more power. Diesel consumption has decreased from 5.2 to 4.2 dl. This is very good! Again Thank you so much.

    Ford Mondeo TDCI 2.0 2006

  18. Yiu Chung Yip says:

    Hi there,

    I am a newbie in ECU remapping and all I have with me is a MPPS. I joined Gold member and downloaded that big file with a lot of map. I am very confuse as I can find there should be more than one format for flashing. Can anyone help me if I can use the MPPS with any of those file? And also there is no description or index for the file. Is anyone kind enough to tell me which is which? I am going to try the remapping on an 2013 Audi A3 1.4 TFSI Can anyone tell me is there any file in that big file is for this car? If so which one is it? Sorry about trouble caused.

  19. haukkax says:

    Great work again. admin remap my 2002 VW bora 1.9tdi and this shit is more powerful now.

    Very good job and im gonna use this servise again.

  20. csernusattila@citromail.hu says:

    I got a BMW 150 Ps, which is very well done.)

  21. csernusattila@citromail.hu says:

    I have a Ford Galoxy 2.0TDCI hp now getuned 4รถ hp more power and starts better and faster
    Thank you

  22. nickzannakis says:

    I had my Citroen berlingo hdi 1.6 remapped by admin after loading mod file I have taken car for good run, tune is very good. car performs as good as standard with nice increase in power and torque all round. also engine is quieter and smoother performance over factory tune highly recommend thank you

  23. BarryM says:

    Used service twice, Excellent job , well worth the money, completely different vehicles after remap
    A ++++++.
    Highly recommend

  24. Julien325cab says:


    I asked to change the file my RENAULT TRAFFIC DCI 100, the result was very fast, within hours the file has been modified and my car is more fun to drive now! I recommend.


  25. horbrarian says:

    I asked for a power increase for my Skoda Octavia 2.0L VRS and the file that was returned has been working flawlessly for a few months now. He also added a file to remove the references to the DPF filter. After a long search for a good solution, this one has been spot on – no warning lights or smoke problems. The car runs better than ever – thank you very much!

  26. Great work from admin.
    Got file the next day.
    The little money you pay for a tuned file from the base map is worth the money.
    Saves time and headaches of sitting there adjusting values and testing and readjusting.
    Power increase is well worth the money.
    Would recommend service, will be remapping my next cars.


  27. Herman says:

    Hope this gets trough to admin… been trying to send a payment via the Paypal link but every time I do the payment it says that the server is not reachable… do you have any other means of payment?

    • Hello, try on another browser or computer. As the payment works for all other users.

      • Herman says:

        Hi again… I’ve just tried the other 2 methods at no success. Do you maybe have a Paypal e-mail address that i can send it to? Would be much appreciated. Or if I can get an alternative payment method? PS! this is what the error looks like. “We are not able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time. Please return to the merchant’s website and try using a different payment method (if available).”

  28. aafidris says:

    Hi, I’m a new member, have been a car mecanic in the early days (1977 until 1983) not much computers in that days. After that I was an ICT engeneer and now I’m Infrastructurespecialist ICT and very much fond of computers and software. I now own a Seat Leon FR Tfsi 2.0 DSG from year 2007 and I am very happy with this car. The only thing that bothers me is that it can have more HP without changing any hardware (only via software modification) untill 240HP and 50nm more torque. As I’m fond of computing I am trying to modifie my car by myself. Uptill now I am happy with this website and with all comments that are posted here. I’m a gold memeber but will post my map files here to admin to see if he can boost my engine power and change the “Sports” shifting to lower rpm. It now shifts just about at 6800 rpm (wich is absolutely not needed, because the max power is at 3800rpm) and I will be happy when it shifts to next gear at about 5800rpm in “Sports” gear. Finaly I want to let you all know that i find this the most proffessional website I have seen untill now and not for just the money earning matter!

    Kind regards to all,

    Amin Idris
    Oss, The Netherlands
    (Owner of a yellow Seat Leon FR)

  29. racingboy600 says:

    I have just started in sending files to admin, and I just can say that he was not only fast but also professional.

    he was taking care of his job even after a few time it was sent ago. That is something I appreciate a lot, specially through this way where nobody knows each other.

    Thanks, I will continue sending for sure.

  30. btn_corp says:

    Hi, my remap is also ready I made some short term tests and it is really much better than stock (from feeling). For a Audi Q7 it is nice to have some more HP. Thanks again to admin nice job! Long term test results will come.

  31. murat55 says:

    I have a golf 5 1.9 tdi 105 hp now getuned 35 hp more powerand starts better and faster
    Thank you

  32. fabioalexl says:

    I have a Mini Cooper S R56 2007 175hp, with some modifications and with your remap is other car, good power and most important safe power, good AFR, safe boost pressure, ignition timing is perfect and speed limiter removed.
    Tested on road with other cars and my car have more response i’m satisfied.

    Soon i have one more car to remap.

    Good job.

  33. haukkax says:

    My 1.9 tdi passat come more alive and pulls much better. Very good work.

  34. celek says:

    Hello! Remap is great, vehicle is more responsive now, especially from 2.3-2.5k rpm.

  35. first time i saw price, i thought there can’t be anything good for such low price. now i totally changed my mind because my car pulls better, fuel consumption looks like as it was before. engine runs fine. no bad signs

  36. duran says:

    I have got my ford focus 2.0 tdci remaped.I felt significant power and nm gain, car now is more resposnbile to acceleration and pulls much better. engine runs & sounds fine as before.

  37. bmcosker says:

    Recently I have received email from admin… He asked to fill the feedback here. Well… Here is few words from me. I’m using this kind of service early before. I have long-term partnership with him: I have vehicle business in my country, so every of my vehicle is tuned, it help to sell it faster and buyers are happy with such vehicles, because it pulls better, engine looks more responsive and alive. I am happy with every remap sent to me, but people should know that every vehicle, every engine is different and gains depends on these circumstances. I had few vehicles with “dead” engines, but admin helped me to make them more “alive”.

    Every good words go to him. Thanks a lot, and keep it going! Nice project! Will be in touch with you soon again ๐Ÿ™‚

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