Ford Mondeo MK4 ECU read & write

Reading Mondeo’s MK4 ECU with KessV2 tool.

And then writing tuned file…
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Refund policy

All Gold membership purchases are final and non-refundable. Refund for File service is possible if I am not able to tune your file or if you are not satisfied with tuned file (you should explain why).


Short review of MAGPro device. OUTDATED TOOL!

Recently I have bought this tool. As you already saw, I’ve already made a video with it. That was one of the vehicle’s I have tuned with that tool. Many more was tuned from that time… What I can say, this is the best tool what I have ever had (in this case when you read/write vehicle’s ECU from OBD-II port). It supports many vehicles, it is very reliable, – I have never had any type of errors; all the read/write processes went smoothly. I would recommend it to anyone, who are going to start remap own vehicle.
You may download its software on my site, under “Software” category.

Mag Pro2 V4.1 Supports Car List.pdf – 207.4 KB

Ford Focus 1.6i Cabrio 2008 chiptuning

Hello, folks! I have a new video for you. Sorry for such long brake. So less time for my website… But it is not dead, please visit and look for updates, I will keep this site useful and alive.

Sorry for the size of the video, next time it will be fullscreen! Some issues with my phone happened…
The vehicle in video is: Ford Focus 1.6i Cabrio 2008 year. Original 101 HP, after remap hopefully 115 HP (petrol engines does not have big power gains).
Device used: MagPro. Review coming on website soon!
More vehicles will be filmed in future. Let’s thank for people who trust me and give their vehicles to film & remap.

ECU Safe V1.9.30 + DPF Removal

Here is a new software, sorry premium users only. I’ve paid for this software and now sharing with you. I do not want that source of my website spread all over the net. Works only with Windows XP!

ECUsafe is a program that protects program in ECU against being read with OBD flashers or programmers:
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BDM100 – Writing process

Here is another simple video. You will see how to write tuned file into ECU via BDM100.

ECU used from: Ford Mondeo 2006 year, 2.0 TDCi. Type: Delphi.

BDM100 – reading process

Just made a new video. Here you can see how to read ECU via BDM100 programmer.

Next video will be with writing process. I will write into it tuned file and test it on vehicle.
ECU used from: Ford Mondeo 2006 year, 2.0 TDCi. Type: Delphi.

BDM100 programmer (OUTDATED TOOL!)

BDM100 programmer

Short review of BDM100 programmer. OUTDATED TOOL!

BDM100 is BDM-100 ECU Tuning Programmer/ECU/Reader/Flasher.
BDM-100 is a universal reader and programmer that allows the user to read and program files in the ECU supplied with Motorola MPC5xx processors. BDM-100 requires the ECU to be opened and removed so that you can connect a flat cable to a specific area to the ECU. The other end of the BDM100 is connected to the USB port of any computer. BDM100 will allow you to create copies of the ECU software. Chip tuning of ECUs with Motorola MPC555 – 565.

It is good ECU reader/writer, it supports many types of ECUs. But there is one clue: you need to open your ECU, connect BDM’s adapters and then read/write (cable flashers do not need technical skills). It needs technical skills.

BDM100 programmer support Device.pdf

ECU remap benefits on different engine types

Petrol (not turbo)

Petrol (turbo charged)

Diesel (turbo charged)

Tuning this type engines will produce 5-10% BHP.

Tuning a petrol engine with turbo, will produce extra 10-20% BHP.

Tuning a diesel turbo engine will produce 20-40% bhp.

The engine will be more responsive to acceleration.

The engine will be significantly more responsive with power which comes immediately.

Diesel engine produces the most impressive power and torque gains. This is best to tune diesel engines.

About EngineTuning.eu

Welcome, folks. I am happy if you visited my site and found something useful for you. This is site about vehicle’s ecu tuning. I am interested into ecu tuning, so I created this website, where I can share my experience with other people who look into this.
I have a huge archive of tuning files, this archive was made by world-wide chiptuners. These files are not made by real professionals, so before using you should learn a little bit about chiptuning and check file for “dumb” mistakes. Check tuning files download page in the menu (it contains remaps for ALL car makes!). Anyway, remapping diesel engine there is no possibility to damage engine, always you can write back your original file. But be careful with petrol engines! Bad remap can blow off your petrol car’s engine.
In this you will find much information about ecu tuning. Software, hardware reviews, videos, articles, tuning files and other information.
Little bit more information about ecu remaps:
Chip tuning refers to changing or modifying an EPROM chip in a car’s or other vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve better performance, whether it be more power, cleaner emissions, or better fuel economy.
-How much money does the remap (chiptuning) costs at chiptuning companies?
It costs around 500-1000$. The companies only takes your car and upload to it chip-tuned file, which is prepared long time ago… And take lot of money. Why you should pay so much money, when you can remap car yourself? It is not very hard. The main thing is to get a good re-map file. The rest of the job is quite easy.

The aim of chiptuning is:
To significantly increase power and torque over entire rpm range of the engine, especially on turbo charged engines. Here you will have the impression, after the optimization is done, to own a entirely diffrent car or to have changed into the next higher vehicle class.

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