Autocom CDP diagnostics tool V2014.03


You can purchase Autocom CDP diagnotics hardware (V2014.03) from EngineTuning.eu. Price is 42.99€ incl. shipping. Product is new and never used. Shipping worldwide. Order will arrive to your door in 2-3 weeks right after purchase (usually faster, depending on you location). It’s a great choice, because diagnostics unit will be shipped to you directly from supplier in China. Please note, that supplier declares lower price and you should receive unit without any additional TAX. Ordering from EngineTuning.eu will save your time and money. If you have additional questions please contact me any time.

Short review of Autocom CDP Pro tool.

This tool is used for diagnostics. Diagnostics and tuning are the very related things. I keep the opinion that only fault-free vehicle can be tuned and best result reached. So before tuning I strongly recommend to make sure that vehicle does not have any engine related faults (reading fault codes via diagnostics helps to identify and solve engine problems). If you do not have any fault codes, you are ok to go with the tune and expect the maximum power, torque and driving pleasure.
This is most powerful diagnostics tool, which I have seen for such low price. It supports many car makes. With this tool you can see all trouble codes of your vehicle (engine, abs, esp, gearbox etc). It allows you to delete these codes, see its description and other common things. Other available functions:
1) Climate control
2) Service reset
3) Airbags
4) Immobilizer
5) Programming (injectors, keys)
6) Live data

Compatible vehicle list:
Cars CDP Pro car list.pdf – 32 MB

If you want to purchase it, please email me!


  1. i bought a autocom cpd,why i can’t connect it to jaguar s-type?

  2. George says:

    Hello! I have CDP for diagnose and recently i bought KWP2000 from ebay! None of them make the work i wanna do! I need a programming tool to fix broken ecu files and flash immo files in case of faulty immo unit! What is your suggestion? I know good electronics and i search a little bit on ebay! If there is one that i can use as an in-circuit programmer without reflow of IC it will be best! What you think of this one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/281193515962?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 I will be waiting for your reply!

  3. black box says:

    Most vehicles for the last 15 years or so have been useing the same port witch is a dl16 most time if you can read a car useing odb

  4. Does anyone has a perfect modded ecu map for the 1.8T?
    im gonna swap the 2.0 8v ADY with a 1.8T of my golf mk3 gti.

  5. Question .
    Immobilizer function is to put manualy the code or unlock it automaticaly ?
    cause when I change an old ecu from a car to another it doesn’t start cause of Immobilizer code

  6. dimitri says:

    hello I’m french and I just found your site, I own an astra H 1.7 cdti 100cv 2004, can you tell me how to remap my car, I have 12 MPPS, thank you to answer me please

  7. what programming tool do i need for hyundai atos?

    upon checking cdp pro it supports hyundai atos.

    thanks great website!

  8. Hi . sorry my english. i have a car a ford focus 1.6tdci year2005. you have a remap file for this car?? thanks

  9. ML guy says:

    I have an 06 ML320 CDi and I bought the autocom CDP+
    its great but I cant tune the ECU e.g. to make the revs go higher at idle and at gear changes etc.
    I read that the autocom cdp can use other software also so can you recommend what software would be best to change the rev settings on my cars ecu?

  10. Mind92 says:

    What cable should I use for my Renault Laguna II 1.9dCi ?

  11. Chong says:

    Is this for diagnosis only? Ca it use for ECU remap tuning?

    • admin says:

      Diagnostics only. But diagnostics for engine tuning is very important thing too… 🙂 so if you interested in ECU remapping you should be interest into engine diagnostics too.

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