ECM Titanium 1.61 + drivers

ECM titanium

ECM Titanium 1.61

Another great software for ECU remaping.

ECM titanium 1.61

ECM Titanium 1.61

ECM TITANIUM allows you to accurately and easily, autonomous and completely safe to interpret the files that are contained inside the ECU. Through the use of drivers which true “contents” pose for reading the files contained in the control units, you can easily find the data stored in the file maps and the main rev limiter to increase the engine power, or simply the consumer to optimize.

Package includes almost 26 000 drivers pack.

Download software and manual:
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  1. alialfodeh says:

    i read ecu file from Hyundai H1 2014, it’s ecu is Delphi DCM3.7, i need version of ECM titanium can open/run/modify this ecu please

  2. how i can dawload

  3. Hi
    Just joined the site & found it really helpful till now, i am going to upgrade as a gold member. Just need to know this site is still operating coz i hve not seen any recent post yet.


  4. nebhan says:

    I opened my file and went into search for a Driver in DB Window. After finding the driver, I clicked download driver. now its stuck after I clicked it. Need help.

  5. nebhan says:

    Can’t find the link. Is it still available?

  6. Hi How do i download ECM Titanium i just get a load of gobbly dee gook on the screen what am i doing wrong ?
    Thanks Andy


    Error at initialization of bundled DLL: Smartkey.dll

    What do I do?

  8. rodeocalf says:

    The program seems to work fine, but when i modify a driver i cannot save it. I am trying to add an EGR duty cycle to the driver, i click ok and it ask me to save it. When i click the “record” button nothing happens. Anyone else having this issue.

  9. Hey Guys !

    “ECM Titanium 1.61” doesn’t work Win X-P.
    But, Win7 is OK !

  10. Me too !!

    “on start up it is continuously showing LOADING DATA BASE box.
    and it is in different language too.”

    Is this ECM TITANIUM broken?

  11. runit19 says:

    on start up it is continuously showing LOADING DATA BASE box.
    and it is in different language too.

  12. Ok ECU peeps. I managed to do what i REALLY needed to do and get rid of the DPF problem with the help of you lovely people and the 100% important KWP 2000 Plus software and interface which i borrowed.
    The KWP allowed me to get the data from my Peugeot 406 HDI 2.2 ECU and using ECU Safe i modified the file to rid me of the DPF curse and then re upload the modified file with KWP 2000.
    Amazed and excited to do this very simple exercise and avoid the unfair £300 remap fee from the UK’s probably genuine tradesmen.
    Easy peasy. Ill do it for £50 hahahah
    Many thanks to this site.
    Lee Jones

    • Back again. so the excitement has lulled.
      The Anti Pollution error returned after about 100 miles today. ECU Safe does not help now. can anyone offer any advise please.

      • admin says:

        Hello. ECU safe is not able to recognize and delete dpf properly from all vehicle models… Seems in your case the dpf wasn’t removed properly. I am sorry about that.

    • VectorM12 says:

      Hi Lee can you explain to me what you’ve done to your DPF? I thought there’s nothing software can do to change dpf but the physical removal is the only option (and sadly an illegal one).

  13. CountryGent says:

    Next question. Remembering that I’m a a Mac guy, I’ve installed the ECM Titanium software without any hitch but its all in Italian. How do i alter this please. Im very sure i can work it out if i can read it. Lol

  14. CountryGent says:

    Can anyone tell me what cable i need to buy to use ECM Titanium please.
    Thanks Lee

  15. CountryGent says:

    Hello there, My name is Lee and I’ve just joined.
    So another newbie in the fold. Im based in Oxfordshire, England.
    So initial thanks for getting me started and here is hoping i can achieve what i need in doing DPF removal on my 2002 Peugeot 406 HDI and perhaps more once I’ve learned what is involved. Im an Apple Mac engineer and thus i may end up having to ask XP questions along the way.

  16. OptiNord says:

    Hey there.
    Ive downloadet the ECM software, but at startup it only says ” Loading database” and it stands still nothing happens..
    Please help..

    Kind reggards

  17. Herman says:

    Anyone got the “smartkey.dll” error just after install and strartup?

  18. krokodillydog says:

    hello, i am new on this ground and look into some software and hardware solutions for learning to optimize fuel and power performance.
    can i use the software without the hardware like the usb stick described in the pdf file or must i also have the hardware?

    thanks so far.


  19. what is the latest drivers update?

  20. nashenka says:

    many drivers, i found what i need:)

  21. kdixon says:

    does it work with windows 8.1?

  22. someone could teach me working with this softwarE? andyvan@bigpond.com contact me please

  23. torben says:

    i’ve downloaded software, but there is no drivers for my ford c-max

  24. tratata says:

    great software! thank you

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