ECU tuning files download

Most of files are tested tuning files. These files are working. To use these files on your car you will need ECU flashing tool. This unit will allow you to chip tune your vehicle via OBD-II port. Look into “Hardware” menu to find suitable flasher for you. There are almost ~20 thousands tuned files, you should find one, which will fit your car. Please note, that this big package of tuning files is mostly for older vehicles and isn’t collected personally by me. This package is created and contains files from many different tuners. So files in this package are listed in many different folders and it could be hard to find a specified file for beginners. Use these files at your own risk.

You may download tuning files here (one-file package):
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  1. Denis1234 says:


  2. I have launch control file audi a3 1.9tdi 131hp 2002

  3. giorgosnf says:

    Any files for smart 450 ??

  4. Ragoks says:


  5. savez1000 says:


  6. hardas998 says:

    Hi, Is any chance if I can get Original map for: Audi A4 b7 2005 1.6 PETROL. Someone did wrong remap and engine working very bad… Thanks for help.

    • brian123456 says:

      I have original files for Audi A4 b7 2005 1.6 , what ecu number have you, and would I be allowed to put the files on here as new member, Bry

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