Ford Focus 1.6i Cabrio 2008 chiptuning

Hello, folks! I have a new video for you. Sorry for such long brake. So less time for my website… But it is not dead, please visit and look for updates, I will keep this site useful and alive.

Sorry for the size of the video, next time it will be fullscreen! Some issues with my phone happened…
The vehicle in video is: Ford Focus 1.6i Cabrio 2008 year. Original 101 HP, after remap hopefully 115 HP (petrol engines does not have big power gains).
Device used: MagPro. Review coming on website soon!
More vehicles will be filmed in future. Let’s thank for people who trust me and give their vehicles to film & remap.


  1. Hey, is there any way to contact you personally? Please give me your e-mail or some contact. Send it to my email, which I believe you can see 🙂
    You can reply in Lithuanian 🙂

  2. Gabriel says:

    Can you send me the Ford Focus 1.6i 2008 remap file? Because I have downloaded all the 4,2G files, and I didn’t find it among them.

  3. Hi , nice work, looks so easy ans simple, when you put review about that mag pro, and haw people
    remap car files ?

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